Wednesday, March 26, 2008

179 - Looking for TWO female voice actresses!

Oh damn, I so hate getting ideas this "late".

I've filmed now about a minute of the series. I realized that things would work a lot better with real voices than the solution I have now.. so please read on :)

If YOU are a female, want to be a kickass character who kicks ass (by shooting machine guns and driving cars) in the lovely company of Olibith & Drewbie, you might be the one I'm looking for!

Please contact me ASAP at baronsoosdon (a) gmail d0t com. If you have done any machinima voice acting before, please include a link to your previous work(s). I hope that you'll be able to do your role in the future too as this is a series.

I can't give a good estimate on how fast I'll be able to produce the episodes - it really depends on the craziness and amount of action or other "hard shots" in it.

As for the series, I don't want to reveal anything about it till later date.

Hopefully it's not a problem for you to speak out profanities and other foul things :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

178 - Staying Tuned for the 3rd time.. Never?

Earlier today I finally finished my Never Stay Tuned 3 section for Olibith. As I've said before, the extended cut of "PlurTV" will be made to a music vid of it's own. (Gief inspiration plix!)

But anyways, here's a screenshot:

Tomorrow is the day when I start shooting the first episode of TEH SERIES (it's real name will be revealed later). I can reveal so much that the voice acting will be done by a certain French gnome + a guy named Drewbie who has done some Grinding.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

177 - Job Assignment #1

Promotion time!

The people at have made some hilarious clips themselves, so plixors check these YouTube channels out!

WTF - WoW Teaching Families
WSN - Warcraft Shopping Network

The ogre & dell @ WSN was my favourite ;D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

176 - I, the community manager.

Ahem.. an announcement of sorts!

As of now, I'm the WoW community manager for! (So bye bye unemployment!)

If you have any cool ideas about WoW machinima contests or anything related to WoW machinima - bump my mailbox with your idea(s)! I'm the guy to contact :)

In addition to that, I'll be producing some exclusive movies, a series of some sort for starters.

Announcements etc will be found here!

..and finally something I Photoshopped today. Going crazy with layers, brushes and glow ftw.

(this pic has nothing to do with the upcoming machinima series)

Monday, March 17, 2008

175 - A poster with no point at all!

The noob and idiot commenters (a.k.a. those suffering from the pvptard-downrater syndrome) at WCM are god damn inspiring. Thanks to them, the MC movie has a name now ;D

I will most likely make an other poster when the movie nears completion and release.

Currently the movie is sitting still aroudn the 11 minute mark. I completely re-did (arranged) the last scene to new music.

Snoman made an absolutely amazing new model change called Shroomzara. It is the one to be filmed next (no Olibith, they are not that kind of mushrooms - sorry!).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

174 - Screenshot Attack

Today I did not film anything new, just some small tweaks: fake DoF'ing, some adjustments to the few modelviewed action scenes and so on.

On the other news - the war between pirates, cakes and space onions continues.

173 - More on the music vid!

This is the first time I'm doing a preview like this. These two are from the music video (to "Million Miles From Home" by Dune) which is going to first premiere in Never Stay Tuned 3 and then released on it's own.

The awesomelycoolalistic rocket & gnome renders are done by none other than Pinkhair.

Note that these two scenes are not 100% final, they lack colourization + some additional camera movement.

Monday, March 10, 2008

172 - Deep Inside The Wormhole

Still without a real & official name, "The MC Movie" is now 11 mins long.

On the other news, a murloc GrgWrlgwRmGLrMgr'ed at me. I burned it's village down.

Friday, March 7, 2008

171 - "The MC Movie" preview

Some posts ago, I asked for a bunch of model changes for a movie. So far, I have gotten some really cool ones!

"MORE MORE MORE MORE!" as a certain cross-dressing sick weirdo would say.

More information about the actual movie after some screenshots:

The model changes above are Emerald Duskwood by Asgard (which made my computer beg & cry) and Belf Durotar by WinnerDB.

As for the movie, it will have something like a plot. My goal is to make the movie so that every viewer can interpret the movie in his or her own way. There will be no voice acting, just the images and (trance) music.

This machinima will not be an Unlimited Escapism movie, the randomness is currently at a very very low stage.

I have no estimation when this beast will be out - I'll take my time. That music video (see posts below) will come out before this one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

170 - Even more of the same!

My PS'ing spree continues!

First - some fan art, the subject is the palading god, Shepiwot. He suggested on irc that I should make such a thing to praise his greatness.

Mission almost successful - the o'rly-real Shepiwot does not have a goatee.

Next in line we have something less happy and shiny. Inspired by a certain movie series and possibly something that I will try to machinimate someday.

And the next step - of course - is to create something that features Olibith. But the thing is that it will be most likely something so pervy that it can't be shown publically.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

169 - Photoshop Strikes Back

Cursed writers block struck again, the music vid is a bit stuck (hey, that almost rhymed!).

However, I got once again inspiration to do some Photoshopping. I wanted to fiddle around with light and shadows in addition to colourization.