Friday, August 31, 2007

066.6 - PosterTime #1!

Did some Photoshopping today - as a result: the first poster for UEv0:SYS. The background is from an actual scene in UEv0:SYS, but it I added some extra touch to it with Photoshop.

With this scene and poster I can finally claim an old promise which I made to my guildies: more boobs!

If you look closely enough, you might see some fire too.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

065 - Success!

Hahah, finally I succeeded in rendering an up-to-date demo of UEv0:SYS!

I think updating Vegas to version 6.0d and adding more temporary memory for Windows helped. A lot. After some Googling I found out that the Magic Bullet HD effect plugin might cause some bugging.

But anyways, this is good news since now I can postpone that Windows XP re-install for a bit!

I also wanted to give my new 8800GTX some hell yesterday so I tested the Bioshock demo. I want that game, the demo kicked ass. If I can, I will implement some crossgame stuff from Bioshock to UEv0:SYS :)

update: Did some Bioshocking and it looks promising - final verdict comes when I see the effectized version in motion.

Update 2: A newer version of the picture. I removed the noise effect, the whole scene works and looks better without it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

064 - >insert good and catchy topic title here<

Lots of stuff already happened till now even though it's early in the morning (11am):

1) Snoman's Wandering Dreamsape 2: Epheme.. Empheme.. Epehme.. JUST DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE MKAY? Right this way, click here please :)

Needless to say that the movie is perfect, right? :)

2) The Fedex delivery girl (yes, it was a girl!) delivered me a Geforce 8800 GTX card today. For free! Or sort of, in order to get it I had to make a certain video for a machinima contest. Pics below (the quality sucks, mobile phone cameras FTL):

This thing is going to suck the entire Finnish power network dry as soon as I turn my computer on with it. Well, that is one way to get to the news :)

Random bonus loot! Some nice little screwdriver thingies to poke yourself in the eye, two light-blinking Nvidia lights, Lego Keychains and a bigger keychain thingie with a light. Plus two mouse mats!

edit: grGLrgLRG! Where are my manners?!

/target self

THANKS to everyone who voted for me :D

3) Vegas crashed overnight.

This time at 51% - at least I'm making progress (last time it was around 31%) :D

Anyways, since the new card arrived I have more excuses to re-install Windows.

An idea of switching to Vista entered my mind for 0.00001 seconds. After that I had to listen to some Linkin Park and cut myself with an used plastic fork in a dark corner for punishment.

Monday, August 27, 2007

063 - Hunter Item

GgrugrgRGRglrrGRlrGle! Should have photoshopped that sadist gnome a bit better.
But still this IS a hunter item :D

062 - Saatana Perkele! + Cookies

AgregrGRlgRLgr! Once again that asshole Vegas decided to go murloc and got stuck!

This time it did not crash, but when I opened my computer in the morning it just kept rendering nothing. Vituttaa. In my anger I ordered a nuclear strike to every murloc village possible.

This is the third time Vegas is acting up on me when rendering a UEv0:SYS demo :(

Fellow Vegas users, I urge you to check out this little article, it sure helps on the performance of loading files. The best advice ever is "Save Early, Save Often!"

The good thing is that I can still edit the movie without any major crashing (it happens while editing but not that much). My plan is to edit the movie till completion even if the rendering stuff crashes or keeps getting errors. The last resort is to re-install Windows and hope that rendering in a "clean environment" will solve the issue.

But the whining and /emoQQwristing aside - here's some cookies:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

061 - Crispy Dwarf and The Dark Rain

Sorry emos, the topic is misleading.

No wristcutQQcrai-poetry here - instead two new preview pics from UEv0: SYS. The first shows some firepower by Particle Illusion and the second one.. well, I'm proud of it's looks :)

Do you have a sense of humour? Well then, check out these clips from Fast Show :D Something to machinimate perhaps?

Friday, August 24, 2007

060 - MMOvie

I saw a really kick-ass trailer today.

"MMOvie" went straight to the top of my most waited-list. Gogogo and watch the trailer!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

059 - UEv0: Shock Your Senses - Trailer!

"This trailer is fucking BAD ASS !!!"


YouTube for masochists

Stage6 for sophisticated streamers
HD720p download for non-paladins (Filefront)
HD720p (Rapidshare)

A new preview pic (not from the trailer) with the final name of the movie:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

058 - Before & After, After & Before

Okiesdokies, some "making of"-stuff again! These pics show you how shitty and boring the movie would look without effects.

I'm gonna start working on the trailer too pretty soon. The end is coming closer, but it is still far far away.

But then again, it is a hunter item.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

057 - Kaboom.

Particle Illusion 3 rocks. And now I'm gonna get some sleep :D
The upper picture is an unedited and uncomposited version.

Monday, August 20, 2007

056 - Perfection

I found it.

THE perfect ending credits track for UEv0.

It fits like a condom. It fits like a rusty screwdriver plunged into a murlocs eye. It fits like a tactical nuclear strike to this p.o.s. town I'm living in. It fits like a tentacle to a schoolgirl on a japanese cartoon. It fits like using the force when flying on the trenches of Death Star. It fits like gnome secks in a movie by Olibith.

The overall movie goes a little bit of change too, I am removing the second track. Currently UEv0 is just perfect in size and that other track would make it too long.

But this ending track.. perfect!

Olibith also sent me a scene he made to UEv0. See a little preview about it on his blog.

Last but not least - a huge thanks to Dopefish! He gave me something very very very very very useful for UEv0 - and here it is:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

055 - Moar Machinima!

I've completely forgotten to praise other machinima here! But here goes:

Combine Nation - Episode 1
A Half-Life 2 machinima done in the spirit of "Cops" and etc reality police shows. Really funny stuff, /me liked it. Point your browser to this address!

How To Paladin XX
A new HTP! It is almost as good as the best episode in series, Part 9. So umm.. this is my second favourite episode. Shepiwot is my idol. I have tried to learn paladinizing, some of the results can be seen in Unlimited Escapism vol 0. Learn how to paladin for the XXth's time at the other end of this link.

Time Gnomes 3
Time Gnomes finally got the epic ending it deserved. Every open question is answered! Click.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

054 - Previews and gnome secks!

Here we go again, two preview pictures from the UEv0 intro/opening credits:

This is the second cameo by Time Gnomes. And I can hereby confirm that they will not be voiced in the movie.

To quote Rurikar "..I really want that series to die". The reason why the TG's are in UE is just simply the fact that I love(d) the series and Rurikar allowed me to use them.

On a little side note, that three second scene with TG's took 10 minutes to render. But it was worth it! Mojache, Jimmy and Steve have shadows - which is nice.

But now on to the more important matter - GNOME SEX! Olibith released his latest video, "Something Stupid" today and you are really stupid if you do not check it out. It has gnome sex in it.

Once again a video which made me smile :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

053 - Invitation!

And here comes an unofficially official invitation!

Get your ass to #machinima at Quakenet! There is currently no big irc-community around machinima so let's make one.

Here's what you have to do:

1) Get yourself an irc client (mIRC will do fine!)
2) Install it and type in all the information you want to put there (choose a recognizeable nickname plx)
3) Join any quakenet server (like - the in-depth instructions for server etc should be in the program.
4) Once connected, type /join #machinima
5) Win!

All the glory and praise for this idea goes to Dopefish, since he found out that no-one had claimed the channel.

052 - Introducing the Intro

As I have wanted to make UEv0 different from the series, one of my first plans were to add an intro to the movie. Making the intro has been a lot easier mostly because of it's soundtrack (ambient and haunting stuff). I also moved some parts from the main movie to the intro and now they fit perfectly.

In theory at least, I'm making the firs test render of the intro overnight :)

But anyways, here is a lovely little screenie from the intro:

I was away for the weekend, we had a lan party.

r actually it was a porn trading / watching party where we played games while watching porn. And there were some drinking as well, but omg I have gotten old..

A full 0.5 ltr bottle of booze survived the trip un-used! :O

I guess I'll save that when/if I graduate (which is hopefully sooner than later) :D

Friday, August 3, 2007

051 - Atari Contest Prizes #1 + Small UEv0 update :)

The delivery company brought me today the first set of contest prizes from The Ataris machinima contest. I was o'rly-really surprised that they sent me a vinyl version of the album too! Which is nice!

I have no idea when, but the Nvidia gfx card + Zboard keyboard are still on their way.

And it happened again. I guess this is a tradition.. :D

I replaced the main song of UEv0 - this current one is a lot better than the previous one. More compact and more energetic.

Chaosvex sent me the final versions of his contribution to UEv0 and oh my how excellent they look in motion. I have coloured one of them and the first pic below is the result.