Thursday, December 10, 2009

T For Thunderfury - The Movie!

Remember, remember the 5th of December..

(downloadable version inc)

Big thanks to everyone who made it there!

p.s. I'm having impure ideas of making a machinima out of that Love Boat theme house remix.. Olibith, Thrall or Narain Soothfancy singing it :D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Collaboration Machinima from 2007

There was a collaboration machinima project going on in 2007. Eventually it faded out and was not continued. Seven parts were made though! Yesternight, Dopefish returned to the wonderful world of IRC and decided to put it all together.

The machinimakers included in this collaboration are (in order): Olibith, Nyhm, teh_taco, Telemora, Dopefish and me (each machinimakers name is shown on the top left corner when his clip starts)

If someone knows the name of the metal/industrial song which plays during my part, lemme know. I tried searching for it back then with no results :(

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remember, remember, the 5th of December..

I'm very tempted to act like god and punish you all for your sins by making a BELF RAP VIDEO out of the Thunderfury event. To your luck, I'm not in such an evil mood at all!

Everything went well, there was one full and one half-full raid of people, either from the internets or from The Beastro.

Getting a TF has been a long-time dream of mine, now I finally got it!

While we were waiting for people to show up, an excursion to both AQ instances was in place! The silly bug thing in AQ20 wiped me and my crew of Too Many DK's, but AQ40 was more cake. Prophet Skeram and Bug Posse went down like a murloc baby to a grinder!

There was some dying, but that just happened because DK's are a weak class. Blizz needs to buff them imo!

The actual fight against Thunderaan was over so fast that I couldn't film it at all. I have liek two or three seconds of footage where the camera is pointing.. somewhere. But who cares, I got the sword and lots of pictures with DK's in them!

A we're no strangers to loveboat sailed to and from Booty Bay.

I heard there were some cookies and lesbian vampire roleplay in Alliance inns. That had to be checked out.


The actual video of the event will be ready when it's ready, it might have to wait till next year. I'll see what I got on tape and decide to what to do with the stuff, will I go for an epix "T for Thunderfury" or just simply sync it to some Backstreet Boys song.

All in all, thanks to everyone who participated! A tip to everyone ever thinking of arranging events and expecting lotsa people to whisper you: get the WoW Instant Messenger addon. It helps a bit with the spam.

By Ellalah


RAIDERS - Ok, we are starting up a vanilla raid raiding guild. No rules in items. No (more) DK's we are already full on those (got one in the guild). Wanna join? Whisper me ingame (Soosisti, Whitelabel, Metaverse, Ilonjuhla) and ask moar. Maximum level 60, IRL age 18+ and plix know what to do. When I got the time and all that, I'll finish the webpage for the guild.

The guild is called , it's already been formed - we got a TABARD with a goat in it and a GUILD BANK full of all sorta oldskool items. Including the BoE T1 pieces for almost every class.

Recruitment is open on all classes, but the most wanted thing is a protard warrior.


Sorry for all the gnomes that got killed! The DK's were just trying to tame you. It's a new thing among the upper class horde, to have a shiny and sparkly gnome pet.