Sunday, June 29, 2008

214 - A Status Report From WWI!

O hai thar!

This is a live broadcast from WWI! Unfortunately no pictures nor videos yet, my cables are at ze hotelroom.

Even though my machinimas did not make to the finals, I still managed to get them all played on the event at the Intel stand (rickroll accomplished!). Thanks to Jack (the guy who has made some really nice looking raidmovies) from France for that!

I've also seen the gnome vibrate!

Then, umm.. oh yes, a secksy succubus! Got some pics and videos of her :)

Last but not least, I got pickpocketed. If you are thinking of coming to Paris - be careful!

Almost forgot to mention, Olibith scored TWO awards at the bigger machinima contest! Damn big grats to the gnome, a really well deserved victory. The machinima by Oli, "The Bountiful Chest" is imo his most solid work till date.

As for my stuff, I am going to make a twisted report of somesort from all the footage I've recorded with my camera. Do not expect perversions and flammable footage, all of that is in Dopefish's camera.

Over and out for now, I'll be adding more pictures and text to the next post when I survive outta here. mmgrGLrgRLGRLwRLEgrgLRgLR!


I heard from a very reliable source that the Gnome King is the final fifth cylon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

213 - Countdown to Paris..

And a brand-new, exclusive shot of the new Blizzard game:


I got myself a videocamera.

A mgrgrlging B-class documentary film about WWI'08 shall be made!

You will not ever never guess which song I am going to use in the soundtrack and which creatures shall be brutally murdered in the airport(s)..

..or thrown down the Eiffel tower.

Monday, June 23, 2008

212 - You see these screenshots and so do I!

So.. the whole saldo is:

2 submissions to the 4 minute machinima contest (this last one got there at the last minute) and one to the advertisement contest.

I can't tell you how I'm feeling. Tired would be pretty close to the tr00th!

The screenshot file names may give it up what's been going on these pictures..

Itsekehu haisee, but I gotta say this is the machinima I'm most proud of concerning all my works. To add the SECKSFACTOR up there is a very excellent sound design by Caruu.

If you have a subwoofer in your household, this movie will make some lovin' to it!

And then there's of course a supermegacoolaliziouslyamazingmegapewpew 3D render by Pinkhair.

No pics about that, there needs to be some surprises too!

And one more hint about the content: clicky (it's up to you to click it, you won't get rolled)

211 - ..knowing the deadline and still playing, no way to understand!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

210 - Another machinima is what I've been thinking of..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

209 - The shuttle is bursting to Venus?

This time I got an idea when I was about to go to sleep.

I woke up, started writing. An end result is a rather.. explosive advertisement for the WWI ad machinima contest.

Oh come on, do you really think that I could live with myself if I did not submit anything with murlocs getting killed? ;D

This short advertisement features the world's deadliest gnomette, a murloc hating orc warlock, explosions and an uber-excellent narration by Caruu.

Monday, June 16, 2008

208 - Level 777 ETC

O hai thar!

Finished the WWI machinima this morning. It came out quite nicely, but quite a lot of things from the plot had to be cut out to make the 4 min time limit.

She's no stranger to bows.. wouldn't get this from any other banshee queen!

No point sitting around! After I've finished some of the currently unfinished projects (No Point, Plur & Daisy vol. 1) it's time to do a Level 777 ETC video.

As the L70ETC vids start to repeat themselves, I tried something new - a retextured version of the band (this is still a work in progress):

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - a new video from Gnomechewer. Great machinima and a very catchy tune!

Did you spot a perverted gnome there?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

207 - Going to Paris..?

I'm now a bit over halfway with my WWI machinima.

I won't tell you much about the plot, except that it is a serious machinima and here is the main character (the colourization is not on, I haven't yet decided how it will be):

Keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully the movie gets accepted and I get a good reason to come to Paris and throw murlocs, Linkin Park cd's and dwarves down the Eiffel tower.

But.. how in the hell I'm supposed to put a Rickroll into a serious movie? o.O

Saturday, June 7, 2008

206 - Never Gonna Give You Up..

..this is not a rickroll. Unfortunately not. This is something that I was asked to do.

The most disturbing fact about the following video is the thing that I was 100% sober while recording the voices.

Yes, you read right.

I also tried to make it in english, but the amount of epic fail was bigger than the biggest epic fail.

And here, I present you.. a machinima that is not a machinima:

Friday, June 6, 2008

205 - Chilled Escapism: Wallpapers

As requested, here's a bunch of wallpapers for j00 all!

click me for download

There's eight wallpapers in the .zip file, samples below:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

204 - Chilled Escapism

Vimeo - High Definition 720p Stream

WeGame Stream stream
Filefront - HD720p Download (XViD - 183mb)
Filefront - HD720p Download (x264 - 103mb)



No, not really, no.

At least a murloc is killed.

I got some suggestions to make a (musically) slower paced UE-styled video quite a long ago, around the releases of UEv2 and v3. Making the video would be the easy part, finding the correct song was an other thing.

While browsing through my mp3 collection, I found this gem from 2005, "Out of Asia (chillout mix)" by Electroheadz. This song was the correct style and correct length. As usual I had other candidates for the soundtrack, but for this movie Out of Asia won the race.

I wanna add that on this video there is not a single WoW model viewer scene, everything is done with good old in-game filming.

As for the visual effects, I created an effect chain consisting of this and that. Just a bit more clearly put, every scene uses the same set of effects. Their amount was modified from scene to scene just to make sure that things are not too light or dark.

Now I really, really should get started on my machinima for the Worldvide Invitational contest.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

203 - Moar Photoshoppage

These three I did just for fun. They all are used in the end credits of the soon-to-be-rendered movie.

And zomg, no model viewer at all!

202 - Cocks and chickens! (didn't come up with a better topix)

Something like this was asked since last year. Now that the correct song is found, it's time to start crunching!

To be expected: people walking!

..and that is not all. Sometime soon a machinima which is actually not a machinima will come out. I am acting myself in it, in Finnish.

And god damnit.. I gotta start my WWI machinima too!