Thursday, February 28, 2008

168 - Status Report + SPACE OOMKINS OF DOOM

Slowly but surely this raving video is getting itself more or less done. I survived through the most annoying scenes (the ones that involved the rockets in space) and now it is time to get crazy.

As for the end of the video, I'll try to add as much familiar faces in as possible!

In other news, the megalomaniac Model Change Movie (tm) has taken it's first steps in filming. I filmed the intro (using Snoman's Dun Tropica) and the next segment (Winnerdb's Belf Durotar).

When I get the MC video out, I hope it brings just a tiny bit of something new to the mc-movies.

Or.. then it can be described like porn: screw the plot, just enjoy the sights.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

167 - 2069: A Space Gnodyssey

God damn these shots in the beginning side of the vid are a bitch to make. They don't look like much on still images but on motion they rock.

One more pic - this is still somewhat under construction:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

166.6 - Once again: preview!

How high can you fly when you are high, even if you are flying really high?

Oh my, things have changed again! The two pics a few posts below are not going to happen. The whole concept of this Plur & Daisy vid changed for Never Stay Tuned 3 as I found a LOT better great 0ldsk00l song for it.

I am also going to kill two murlocs with one stone: in addition to a NST3 section, I will make this clip a full-length music video. I remember some people asking for that around NST2's release.

The full-length version of the vid will be released after NST3.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

165 - Baron Soosdon wants YOU! change the World (of Warcraft)!

Into something beautiful, insane, strange, horrifying or -your idea here-.

The thing is that the voices inside my head said to me (after hearing a couple of songs) that you must make a model change movie, once again. Believe it or not, I am going to try to give the model changes something that resembles a plot.

The overall feeling I'm aiming for is something as seen in Sunday Break (check the stream at the bottom of the post).

If I ever get this movie done, it won't be as random as UE - the scenes will follow each other in a way or another.

But as said - for this I need model changes from you people. I have two posts up for recruiting - one at and one at my own forums. If you have some new or older stuff to donate - show me what you got. Videos and screenies are welcome!

I already have gotten one model change for the movie. This is a very very sexy and infernal looking Stranglethorn Vale - done by Bullshitmaster.

STV Arena goes straight to hell?

You will be of course credited in the movie considering your work. For a fact that I can say that the movie will feature belves, murlocs and gnomes.

164 - Impossible!

I honestly thought that this would be impossible. Yea, I really mean it.

I honestly can not believe that I will say this out loud.

But it is true, no matter how you look it.

Some of you may be shocked by this!

There is a better machinima than How To Paladin IX! And I still can't believe that I said that.


Friday, February 15, 2008

163 - Stay Tuned?! NEVER!

The crossdressing cow and the extasy-addicted gnome return!
(Poke Olibith for exact details considering the question "When!!111????+++")

ARR! After graduating and getting an absolutely foul and perverse machinima clip completed for a publically secret collaboration project, it's now time to get started with my contribution to NST3!

Oh wait, but that's not all! Should I ever get a script completed for Limited Escapism 2 (currently I have only a few scattered ideas) I plan to have Plur & Daisy to be a part of that episode somehow.

And to make things even worse, I may even make a full-length music video featuring this duo.

This is just speculation.

The facts are that all murlocs should be exterminated and Linkin Park is a really shitty emo crap grlrlWlrelrg band.