Saturday, November 22, 2008

260 - Christmas comes early..

So, christmas came early.

Last week, my doorbell rang and woke me from my slumber. The UPS delivery man had a package from me. After signing the receipt thingie, I looked at who had sent it.. Blizzard EU!

And inside.. a WotLK: CE! A bit too late, but dang..!

I really, really o'rly-really was surprised and appreciate this - if you guys responsible are reading this, megasuperlicious thanks to you!

WotLK itself is a pretty darn nice expansion, I feel that it is the expansion that TBC should have been. My current main (Whitelabel, retardin) just dinged 74 earlier today and I've liked the ride a lot so far.

You get to rip off dwarf brains! Seriously, YOU GET TO RIP OFF DWARF BRAINS! Amaaazing!

Lots of new cool villains too.. Tirion Fordring being the foulest of them, taking away the meaning from Death Knights. Mr Fordring, you are on my hitlist when it comes to machinimas - muahaha.

But there are some really bad, sickening and foul quests too: you need to help murlocs. Worse, you get to speak to them. How can those things speak?!

Blasphemous trickery I say!

Gladly I now know where the murlocs are so that they can be PURIFIED.

The randomity stops now - see you at the next post!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

259 - Raid Together, Die Alone 2

Stream @ WeGame
Download @ Filefront (HD720p - x264 format, 175mb)
Download @ Megaupload (HD720p - x264 format, 175mb)
YouTube stream

In theeee eeeeeenddd (/emo) I finally got to release it - a PvE vid about TBC content.

This video features The Beastro (my guild) & Beyond Oblivion pewpewing their way through in The Eye, Magtheridon's Lair and Black Temple. That's all folks - cameras just were not rolling on the other instances.

Keep an eye out for an epic-scale easter egg after the end credits!

Trivia: the first part in RTDA-series was my first ever upload to YouTube.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

258 - Polystyrene Dream

Wow, just wow - a new machinima called.. a new movie by one of my favourite machinimakers, Yume.

This is definitely one of his best, if not the best machinimas he has made. The editing and overall feeling absofuckinglutely amazing - in lack of a better word.

I'm a thieving bastard and I'm stealing some inspiration from that video ruthlessly.

Download the movie from the WCM page. Do not ruin your experience on a stream, seriously - don't.

(And spam the spotlight button! The pvp scum must fall in front of the videos which take effort to make! Make those emo kids cry! CRY!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

257 - New address

The blog has moved to..

Huge epix-scale thanks to Styng for providing and helping me in getting the domain!

The old address works fine, but it will redirect here.

In the future, far far away.. a full-scaled website awaits.
At the moment I has no time to think about creating it and all the little details.


Machinima was mentioned on this
WoW Retrospective #3 from GameTrailers.

I saw a quite familiar looking gnome from a certain trailer, w00t!
(look at 15m 10sec)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

256 - See you in Northrend!

See the amazing adventures of Whitelabel & Frosty @ Twilight's Hammer-EU, starting @ Howling Fjord.

Or, go see how Astley rolls on the borean tundra @ Kor'Gall. You wouldn't get such noobage from any other gnome!

Friday, November 7, 2008

255 - No Point: Stretching Time TRAILER

I most sincerely hope that No Point: Stretching Time will be released before 2009. The editing on the main movie is 99% complete, but there is a intro (3-4 min long) to be filmed and edited plus the ending credits.

Once again my estimation of the length of this flick mmrgrllWrrLGRgrRLGwrRLG's itself. The final movie should be about 30 minutes long.

That will take time as most of it is crossgame machinimaking. I've been making this movie since march '08 and I have no reason to start rushing now :)