Friday, November 27, 2009

Invitation: Thunderfury Summoning (now with video!)

And now.. details as I promised!

- The event will be held at Twilight's Hammer (EU), summoning itself will start around 19:00 realm time (GMT +1), Horde Side
- Get yourself to Cenarion Hold aroud 18:00 server time
- Whisper me (I'm logged in with Metaverse) for a raid invite
- If you are someone I know from IRC, this blog or anywhere else in the interwebs - please do use a recognizeable name
- I heard there might be a chance of rickrolls
- WARNING! There are NO gnomes on horde. I repeat: there are no gnomes on Horde!
- After I got my new, shiny legendary poking thing of legendariness - the party continues at Booty Bay. Where we go from there.. we'll just have to wait and see!
- YOUR IDEA HERE! Any good and not-so-good idea is welcome, spit it out!
- Olibith and Whowho.. if you find the time, please do join - I won't tell anyone that you accidentally rolled Horde :)

Thunderaan summoning, Saturday Dec 5th 2009!

I've just completed gathering all the materials for Thunderfury.

The summoning of Thunderaan will happen on saturday 5th December @ Twilight's Hammer-EU, 19:00 realm time (GMT +1).

It's up to you if you want to roll a quick DK (doing the starter quests shouldn't take more than an hour) or level something else.

For anyone outside EU realms, things will get a lot trickier. You could get a trial account, but then I you cannot be summoned, invited to a raid/party or even whisper anyone.

The other way is to buy an EU classic account, but I think it'll be a lot cheaper for you if you'll just watch the video about the event :)

I will post just a bit more info about this once I get my invitation video done.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best thread of ALL TIME + help request!

I've found the most epicest WoW-thread of all time.. OF ALL TIME right here.

Well, the thing is that I want to machinimake it. Badly.

I've always wanted to make a Silent Hill / WoW mash-up and this thing is perfect.



(to the right address)

Just to confirm: The Palest Horse gets done before this - yes, we are working on it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"We need a Thundefury. It looks cool."

I love the smell of Thunderfury Bindings in the morning.. just happens so that a bit earlier today, Garr decided to stop holding on to the binding and gave it to me. Brutal force had to be used though.

Getting a TF has been a longtime dream for me and it's finally coming true :)

The next step is to get the Elementium, which may or may not be easy.

Once all the quest items are in Metaverse's inventory, it will be the time to summon Thunderaan and you all are invited to witness the event (and get rickrolled, all my characters are equipped with a macro for that).

This will be taking place at Twilight's Hammer-EU.

This is how we did it 3 years ago..

I've gotten a couple of requests from people who want to be in a movie by me. Here's your chance!

For the people playing on EU realms this will be quite easy - if you have a lv55 already, the least painful way is to create a Horde LolKnight and join the fight.

For all the others, this will be a bit trickier. You need to get an EU client + an EU account. Getting a trial account is easy. The downside of a trial account is that you can not whisper any other player and lv20 is the maximum you can reach. Coming to Silithus with an lv20 might be a bit painful.

When I got all the items, I'll announce the exact date in here and YouTube.

In addition to the actual summoning event, I'm looking for good ideas on what to do with all the 2 people that show up.

Crashing Booty Bay + STV could be a nice tradition to uphold? :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Aion Machinima: Looking Back No More

It's finally ready - my first and quite probably last Aion machinima. My gametime ran out last week and I have no plans of buying more for now.

I still have hope for Aion, it kept me playing the longest time of all 'new' MMO's I tried. The upcoming patches promise to bring easier leveling, but that's not enough to bring me back.

Free tip for MMO developers: to defeat WoW, create something new. Do not copypasta the classes as they are in their archetypes. I want to replace WoW with something that feels refreshing and has new ideas and innovations. Machinima functionality would be a huge plus, but that's not necessary.

I will still be following Aion on how it develops. I'll even make that Aion machinima tutorial, but now I just don't have the time for that.

As for this video, making it was fun! I leaned a couple of new After Effects and Photoshop tricks which is always a plus.

Spread the word about this machinima, I hope it inspires other people to try their machinimation skills on Aion!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

For the lulz!

This saturday night, in the mountains..

Indeed, for the lulz!

I wish I'd have over 9000 doctors degrees and the intelligence of a protection warrior in a high-end raiding guild so I could have done all this in a SRS BSNS 3D modeling program. And if that's not enough, those damn things have too many moving buttons!

Moar links:


If you're ever in the need of creating a vinyl record in Photoshop, check this tutorial out!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bunch of stuff!

This will be a post about many things! The first thing in my list is..

A new home!
I've been searching for a Vanilla raiding guild for a while. I had some requirements though: no silly limitations on talents, glyphs and spells. And to my luck, I found this bunch of vanillaists called Devolution on Al'Akir EU.

I transferred a lv60 priest of mine there. Skanna is the name, discipline is the game. My first time of all time.. OF ALL TIME playing a healbot in a raid environment! Can't say yet how much I like it or hate it. Pewpewing with Penance is sexeh though.

Upon joining I was immediately called to join on a journey to Molten Core! We cleared the place with 10 - 15 people. The range of gear varied a lot, but the bosses fell like baby murlocs to a pool of hot corrosive acid.

The only bosses that gave a bit of challenge were Baron G and Ragnaros. But the old tactics were quite unnecessary since everything died so fast! Hell, I did not get teleported to Shazzrah at all!

We also showed Hakkar whose bitch he is.

If you are interested in joining Devolution, you can check out their recruitment post.

The only limitations to vanilla raiding they have are not allowing DK's nor Outland items (in raids). The downside is that Al'Akir is a very full server (it was locked a couple of days ago) so getting in might take some tries.

But the most important thing is that Devolution has a respectable amount of female c0wsies! /moo

And no, no, no, no, NO NO NO NO - I'm not leaving The Beastro. This'll be something for fun as I still suffer from a burnout towards WOTLK raiding.

Aion: The Tower of Eternal Grinding

The omens and internet truths are coming true.

The grindfest hit me. I got my Elyos sorcerer to level 18 and I hit a wall. The only way to advance are either by group quests or by, umm... yeah. That's it?

I'm not completely losing hope on Aion since the upcoming patch 1.5.1 promises some ease on the leveling process. I hate grinding as much as I hate murlocs and Linkin Park!

Vanilla WoW was not a perfect game, but I dont recall a single time when I had to forcefully grind world mobs just to get a level.

Well anyways, I'm going to finish the Aion machinima. Almost half of it is done and it's been real fun to do. I just gotta find some interest to play the game more, to level up and get to new areas for filming stuff.

No need to be afraid, zero rickrolls here!

Ok, I gotta make a machinima cover of this one (First there was the DUBSTEP SQUID.. next there will be the DUBSTEP MURLOC?!):